The Hidden School Papers now available!

With the aim of facilitating publishing efforts of various activities done within the EAAE, but also make them more visible, searchable and relevant, the EAAE has teamed up with the Stichting Openaccess platform. We have thus established EAAE Publishings, an open access virtual space delivering some of the recent research outputs completed within EAAE-organized events, beginning with the annual conference proceedings. You can find the Hidden School books in downloadable pdfs at the following links: abstracts and papers, as well as order a printed copy from Amazon: abstracts and papers.

The book of abstracts now available online

The book of abstracts is now available for pdf download and print-on-demand at TuDelftOpen, read and order here!

Photos online!

Check out the online galleries of our conference at

Sign up for pre-conference tours

Before the conference opening, on Wednesday afternoon starting at 14:00, two guided tours of Zagreb architecture will be offered (download the itineraries here). Both tours are curated by Luka Korlaet, who will give a joint introductory lecture at 14:00 at the Faculty, upon which the following tours begin:

1. Zagreb Downtown Walking Tour - lead by Luka Korlaet

2. Modern and Contemporary Zagreb Bus Tour - lead by David Kabalin

Please arrive at 13:45. Inform us of your choice of tour at

Registrations at early bird fees extended to July 1st

Note that you can register at early bird fees until the extended date of July 1st

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until April 19th

The deadline for submitting abstracts for the 'Hidden School' conference has been extended until April 19th. In response to the conference topics explained here, we encourage you to submit your contribution and continue the discussion on the substance of architectural education. Abstracts can be submitted by teachers, researchers, practicing architects and students not exclusively from EAAE member schools. Authors from other fields are invited to contribute to discussion as well.

Meet our keynote speakers

We are happy to introduce our keynote speakers, which include An Fonteyne, Belgian architect and professor at ETH Zurich, in dialogue with Sara Sherif, MSc student at ETH; Will Hunter, the founder and director of the London School of Architecture; Momoyo Kaijima, architect and founding partner of Atelier Bow-Wow, teaching at ETH Zurich; Lesley Lokko, architect, novelist, professor and current director of the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg; Maruša Zorec, Slovenian architect and professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. Read more about them here.

Student workshop applications open

The EAAE Annual conference will be preceded by a self-organized student’s program with a student-led workshop „Course X.“ It will take place August 25-28 and student accommodation will be covered for participants. Conceptualizing an “ideal” course, the workshop will take an analytical dive into the skills and knowledge obtained by students of architecture, methodologies of their transmission and its relation and relevance to the spirit of time and an overall position of the architectural discipline today. The workshop will be lead by Dora Gorenak, Marin Nižić, Filip Pračić, all Zagreb students. They have, among others, lead the EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) hosted in Rijeka in 2018. Read more about the workshop here

The call for contributions has launched!

The Zagreb EAAE 2019 Annual Conference, titled 'The Hidden School', will focus upon the subliminal quality of architectural education, that which is beyond the stated curricula and is hard to document through quality evaluation procedures. It can be observed through several indicative aspects, often contributing to the identification of what makes the ‘true’ spirit or substantial quality of the school and uniqueness or peculiarity of its educational path. It can also be the tacit meaning situated between the lines of the syllabus, or generated by the students that contribute to it and the educators that personify it, the various shapes of informal learning, or the spaces it takes place in.

In order to examine the less obvious but inherent qualities that constitute the specific process of architectural education, five aspects to be considered as triggers have been proposed. Read more about it here

EAAE Annual Conference + General Assembly 2019

Hidden School

August 28th - 31st 2019

Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb

Fra Andrije Kačića Miošića 26 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

EAAE - European Association for Architectural Education

Universiteit Hasselt Campus Diepenbeek Agoralaan gebouw E B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium