About the Architecture of Zagreb

Zagreb takes pride in its thousand-year long history, which can be clearly seen in city's spatial organization. One can easily read the city plan as a sequence of spatial and temporal sectors: from its medieval core formed by Kaptol and Gradec on the north, over the late 19th/early 20th century block matrix of Lower Town, to post-WWII development of Trnje and Southern Zagreb built in the spirit of CIAM and today known as Novi Zagreb. In general, the city's plan reads as quite regular and almost symmetrical, enabling easy orientation (from Zagreb Pocket Architecture, see below).

Before the conference opening, on Wednesday afternoon starting at 14:00, two guided tours of Zagreb architecture will be offered (download the itineraries here). Both tours are curated by Luka Korlaet, who will give a joint introductory lecture at 14:00 at the Faculty, upon which the following tours begin:

1. Zagreb Downtown Walking Tour - lead by Luka Korlaet

2. Modern and Contemporary Zagreb Bus Tour - lead by David Kabalin

Please arrive at 13:45. Inform us of your choice of tour at eaae2019@arhitekt.hr

Meanwhile, we recommend several architecture guides covering highlights for those arriving early or extending their stay:

Zagreb Pocket Architecture. Publisher: Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ), edited by Zagreb Society of Architects' Youth Section, text by Luka Korlaet (pdf can be accessed here)

This comprehensive foldable guide of modern and contemporary architecture was created through a collective effort of numerous collaborators – university professors, photographers, designers and architects – guided by the Zagreb Society of Architects' Youth Section, who initiated the project. The data is organized according to three criteria: the spatial, the temporal, and the programmatic, providing a base for various exploration modes. It was published in partnership with the Zagreb Tourist Board.

Aleksander Laslo: Architectural Guide – Zagreb 1898-2010. Publisher: Arhitekst and DAZ, edited by Andrija Rusan, texts by Aleksander Laslo, Friedrich Achleitner, Vera Grimmer, Maroje Mrduljaš (order through Oris)

Originally published in 2011, this is the first comprehensive guide covering a little more than a century of Zagreb architecture, authored by Croatia's revered architecture critic and historian Aleksander Laslo (1950-2014).

Zlatko Karač and Alen Žunić: Zagreb Architecture Guide – An Anthology of 100 Buildings. Publisher: Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb and UPI-2M Plus (order through UPI2M)

This guide is a complete overview of Zagreb's architecture, presenting iconic buildings of different ages – starting from the early Romanesque period of the first cathedral, all the way to recent buildings – in Croatia's capital famous for its unique mixture of styles and traces of political changes through the history

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