1. Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb
    Fra Andrije Kačića Miošića 26 
    10000 Zagreb, Croatia


    The Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb celebrates 100 years of continuous architectural education in 2019. It is the oldest institution of architectural education in Croatia combining instruction and research in the fields of architecture, urban planning and, since 30 years, industrial design and visual communications. The Faculty offers undergraduate, graduate, advanced professional and doctoral study programs. The undergraduate Bachelor level study program lasts for 6 semesters, the graduate level Master study program lasts for 4 semesters, and the doctoral study program lasts for 6 semesters. It enrols 130 students in the study program of architecture and urban planning and 40 students in the study program of design, totalling over 1000 students in all its programs. The master degree obtained provides a basis for joining European architectural and design practice. Stemming from the Polytechnic, but historically involving accomplished architects and artists as teachers, it nourishes the scope and tradition of engineering knowledge and skills complemented by artistic principles and reflection as inherent features of the architectural design process. Students are directed towards a realistic, problem-solving approach within a broader cultural and social framework, particularly drawing from border-conditions and transitional contexts. Placed where various cultures meet and broader Central and South-east European specificities intertwine, Zagreb provides a hub for exploring acute issues. Nourishing a pluralistic and multidisciplinary approach, the program offers a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills relevant to multiple future directions, permanently encouraging students to develop their alertness, intellect and creativity. 

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Hotel Westin

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Hotel Panorama

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Hotel Palace

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Hotel Dubrovnik

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Hotel Laguna

Room rate per night: €57 single, €78 double, €67 double (single use)

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EAAE Annual Conference + General Assembly 2019

Hidden School

August 28th - 31st 2019

Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb

Fra Andrije Kačića Miošića 26 10000 Zagreb, Croatia eaae2019@arhitekt.hr www.arhitekt.unizg.hr

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